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At Social Fitness, our mission is to enable the best local wellness businesses and professionals to thrive while transforming local communities into healthier, more active and more connected ones.


We are a team with a passion for fitness and technology with extensive experience owning and working with fitness studios as well as building great technology.

The fitness industry is becoming increasingly more competitive and it is becoming harder and harder to successfully operate a profitable independently owned fitness studio. We wanted to create a solution built by studio owners for studio owners to help them be more competitive and help them grow their business and become more profitable. That is at the core of what Social Fitness is all about.

We also wanted to create a solution that helps people adopt and maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle. With the Social Fitness membership, we unlock access for them to the best fitness studios in town on an unlimited basis with one universal membership. We aim to help each one of our members reach their fitness objectives and make belonging to the Social Fitness community something they can be proud of.